Ask Donald Trump anything on Reddit this Wednesday

This Wednesday at 6:30PM ET, log into your Reddit account and ask Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump anything. Anything. Granted, he’s not actually required to answer every question that comes his way, but it’s sure to be a fun fireworks show of sorts nonetheless, from a candidate who’s never been one shy away from speaking his mind.

Trump’s AMA will, of course, be arrive just as the Democratic National Convention really starts getting hot and heavy in Philadelphia. That same evening, both President Obama and Vice President Biden will be hitting the stage to no doubt say some less than flattering things about the New York business mogul.

Obama’s no stranger to the Reddit community himself. Back in 2012, the President hosted his own AMA, which racked up more 23,000 user comments and questions that week, only 10 of which he answered over the course of his half-hour session. Trump is set to spend roughly the same amount of time fielding what will no doubt be entirely measured and thoughtful questions from the community.

As has been pointed out, Trump’s session does not appear to be occurring through the standard channels reserved for high-profile AMAs, which could mean that it’s going ahead without Reddit’s official blessing. This site told TechCrunch, “This AMA has not been confirmed by Reddit Inc.”