Welcome to ‘The Daily Crunch,’ TechCrunch’s new curated daily newsletter

An inbox is a terrible thing to waste, which is why I’m going to make yours much better. Welcome to The Daily Crunch, a new daily, me-curated newsletter from TechCrunch. With The Daily Crunch I not only want to keep you up to date with the biggest news in emerging tech, but also to put the news in context – and have some fun.

The entire TechCrunch team does a lot of great work every day, but reading through it all end-to-end would be a full-time job, so if you miss some things here and there, you’re forgiven. But The Daily Crunch will help make sure you can approach the full Crunch effect, without having to quit your day job to manage it.

And if you still do read TechCrunch cover to virtual cover, The Daily Crunch is a great supplement – think of it like the commentary track for your favorite movie. I’ll be using the newsletter to tie together threads, identify trends, and draw out implications that you won’t get from an algorithmically curated feed. And we may talk about things that you won’t see on the site, go off on some tangents and broaden your horizons a bit. The idea is to give you something you’re not going to get anywhere else, delivered right to your inbox very day.

If you’re already signed up for our daily newsletter, you’ve probably seen me testing out the new format over the past couple of weeks, but if you’re not signed up, you should do that now. The Daily Crunch runs every weekday, Monday through Friday, and is delivered to your inbox at 9 AM PT/12 PM ET, and you can sign up right here (‘The Daily Crunch’ is the first check box, but feel free to sign up for our other newsletters, too).

If there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s keeping pace with the breakneck speed of tech, so let me be your daily Hyperloop of the innovation ecosystem, and enjoy The Daily Crunch.