Dine In founder appointed GM of UberEATs Singapore to battle Deliveroo once again

Evan Graj, founder of Dine In, the London-based restaurant delivery startup that competed with Deliveroo before entering the deadpool late last year due to a lack of appetite from investors, has joined Uber as the company’s new GM of UberEATs Singapore.

Not only does this provide quite a nice end to the Dine In story, but it sees Graj take the battle to Deliveroo once again, since both UberEATs and Deliveroo are competing in the region. This time the location is Singapore not London, and Graj will have Uber’s┬ádeep pockets at his disposal.

Confirming Graj’s appointment, Simon Rossi, GM for UberEATs APACx (Asia Pacific excluding India & China), issued the following statement to TechCrunch:

“We’re incredibly excited about the potential we see in the industry and the tremendous demand we’re already experiencing in the region. The appointment of Evan Graj to the position of GM of UberEATs Singapore on July 21, is a great example of the talent coming onboard to lead this new business and our commitment to investing in a technology-enabled food industry of the future”

Noteworthy is that UberEATs Singapore actually launched in May this year, so Graj will be charged with growing not launching Uber’s UberEATs Singapore restaurant delivery service. That’s actually standard for the Uber playbook, as I understand it, with the transportation behemoth typically sending in a launch team into a new city or region, before handing over day-to-day operations to an internally appointed or newly hired local GM.