Razer is releasing a low profile iPad Pro mechanical keyboard case

Instead of targeting the fitness or gaming crowd, this time Razer’s after the mobile productivity set with its new mechanical keyboard case for the iPad Pro. Caveat: it’s expensive as hell.

Razer’s Mechanical Keyboard Case employs a new switch, called the “Ultra-Low-Profile Mechanical Switch” which has true actuation and a reset. With 70 grams of force required per key, it’s kind of like a real keyboard.

Bridging the gap between a regular desktop keyboard and mobile keyboard (plus Razer’s premium) pricing isn’t easy: at $169, available worldwide and through the Razer Zone.

Other than slim, mechanical key switches, Razer’s pricey iPad Pro accessory has a metal kickstand, a detachable polycarbonate case, connectivity via Bluetooth and manufacturer suggested battery life of 10 hours at maximum brightness, or 600 hours with the backlighting off.

My take: the tech exists for those looking for a great non-touchscreen typing experience on a tablet, but if it’s priced as high as a tournament-level gaming keyboard, I’d pass.

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