Mentat will apply for jobs on your behalf and guarantee you get an interview

Did you know nowadays there are more people who dislike their jobs than like them?

While there was once a time where the vast majority of Americans were happy with their current job, now anywhere from 50 to 70 percent of employees are dissatisfied with their current position.

Combine that statistic with the fact that more than 90 percent of millennials expect to switch jobs every three years and it sounds like a good time to be in the employment industry.

And while there is definitely no shortage of job listing sites, Mentat, a company launching out of Y Combinator’s Summer 2016 batch, does things a little differently.

The company specializes in helping people who know they want a new job, but either haven’t been able to organize themselves enough to take the leap, or are literally too busy to find and apply to one.

To help these people, Mentat will take over and optimize their LinkedIn and resume, then literally write cover letters and have one of their advisors apply to jobs for you, by hand.

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The company also pairs you with a dedicated, real-life advisor to talk via phone, chat and email as much as you want during the process. The company has about 50 advisors on staff who have expertise in tons of different industries, so they can give you the best advice for the specific industry you want to work in.

So where does the tech come in? Mentat says they are using machine learning to match job seekers with potential jobs, as well as matching them with one of their advisors with a similar skill set.

The whole package costs $249, and Mentat will literally give you a money-back guarantee that you’ll get at least one interview. They also have a free tier which is similar to a traditional job site, and lets you find and apply to different jobs.

But does it count if you get a job that you don’t even apply for? Mentat’s view is that most actual job applications just require you to regurgitate your resume, and end up being a pretty big waste of time. They handle this grunt work so you can focus on the interview, which is where a person’s actual personality and skill starts to come into play.

Interestingly, Mentat is working to partner with educational institutions to buy their product for students. And in today’s market, where getting a job is really the only thing students care about, it may be a plus for prospective schools to be able to guarantee their graduates will get interviews post-graduation.