GoPro offers another peek of its Live VR tech

GoPro has been largely quiet on the Live VR front since giving a glimpse of the technology back at NAB in April. And even then, it was more of a hint at best, buried under announcements around its bigger GoPro VR push.

The action cam pioneer is showing off a little more of the forthcoming system, albeit in the most GoPro of ways, nestling into it a sort of heartwarming video highlighting father and son professional racers Randy and Dakota Mamola, the latter of whom took GoPro’s forthcoming Live VR system along for the ride during a MotoAmerica circuit race in Salt Lake City.

Mamola the elder — who also happens to have piloted the first GP bike equipped with an on-board camera some 30 years ago — streamed the first-person video all the way in the Netherlands, courtesy of a Samsung Gear VR headset.

GoPro’s still not offering up a ton of information on the feature, but the video does offer a little more insight into its implementation as the first test of the technology built for motorcycle racing courtesy of the company’s Custom Solutions team.