Tesla introduces a more affordable Model X

Tesla is doing its part to slash the sticker prices on its vehicles. On Wednesday, the electric-vehicle automaker introduced its Model X 60D, which carries a starting price tag of $64,500 (after incentives), compared to the original Model X’s $80,000 starting price.

We guess that’s more affordable to Tesla…sigh. According to Tesla’s website, the Model X 60D has a 200-mile range and can hit zero to 60 miles per hour in six-seconds flat with a top speed of 130 mph. The X 60D can be upgraded later via a software update to 75 kWh, increasing its range by nearly 20 percent.

This follows Tesla additionally returning a more affordable Model S 60 for $66,000 upon getting deluged with heavy demand for the Model 3 this past April. Of course, the latter vehicle is the company’s most affordable with a $35,000 price tag.