Watch the Indiebio Demo Day here

TechCrunch is pleased to bring you Indiebio’s Demo Day this Thursday, July 14th from San Francisco.

Backed by SOSV, Indiebio is the largest life sciences accelerator to date. Indiebio provides each startup in the accelerator with $250,000, lab space, and expert mentors including 23andMe co-founder Linda Avey and father of the Human Genome Project, George Church.

IndieBio’s third batch includes 15 companies within several broad categories: 21st Century Medicine, future of food and agriculture, new biotools, consumer biotech. 

Investors and press will hear seven-minute pitches from each company. Mark your calendars, the demos run from 3-5pm PT this Thursday and you can watch it live right here.

(In order of appearance)

Mycoworks– Mycoworks is a biomaterials company that uses mycelium and agricultural waste to create natural alternatives to leather. Their materials are performance engineered, animal-free, sustainable, and cost-competitive, with immediate applications in footwear and fashion.

SyntheX Labs– SyntheX uses synthetic lethality to create peptide therapeutics that can treat incurable cancers. They have developed an evolutionary platform which can test 10 billion protein variants in one petri dish to evolve new therapeutics.

Ava Labs– Ava creates wines molecule by molecule to replicate the terroir of classic high end wines without grapes. The future of food is synthetic.

Knox Medical Diagnostics– Knox is bringing hospital level asthma management technology to families at home with the first tool that provides predictive insights to parents of asthmatics to prevent asthma attacks, enable proactive medication management, and give patients and parents peace of mind.

AstRoNA Biotechnologies– Food poisoning is a serious global concern today with over 1 in 6 people getting food poisoning every year. AstRoNA has engineered a simple to use handheld detector that can be deployed on-site at every phase of food production, from field to table, giving labs accurate results within one hour.

BioNascent– BioNascent is building better health outcomes for babies who aren’t breastfed, by producing proteins found in human breast milk to develop an alternative to dairy based-infant formulas.

Amaryllis Nucleics– Amaryllis empowers researchers by accelerating important discoveries in genomics. Amaryllis technology halves the time and reduces the cost of RNA sequencing by 8-fold to accelerate cutting edge cancer diagnostics, pharmaceutical development, and food security innovations.

MiraculeX– MiraculeX is growing the next generation of protein sweeteners which will be the best-tasting and healthiest sweeteners. These natural proteins have zero calories, no bitter flavor, and taste better than sugar.

OneSkin Technologies– OneSkin has developed a real human skin model that can replicate ethnicity and age to develop the world’s first line of personalized skin care products.

Willow Cup– Willow Cup is creating a line of the most indulgent plant-based milk products available, starting with an on-the-go latte. Willow Cup plans to disrupt the entire plant-based milk category using its patented plant protein library.

Endura Bio– Endura is creating an agricultural spray to activate drought tolerance in crops that can reduce water use by 33%.

Ardra– Natural flavors and fragrances is the fastest growing category in a market worth over $23B globally. Ardra’s promiscuous enzyme technology enables them to make flavors at a lower cost and higher margin than any other natural alternative.

mFluidX– mFluidX has created a diagnostic chip the size of a pack of gum that replaces bulky and technical laboratory instrumentation for DNA / RNA analysis. This power-free disposable chip costs 1000-times less than current technology and can be rapidly deployed to diagnose infectious diseases anywhere.

 Jungla– Marrying the power of machine learning with proprietary protein function maps, Jungla is the world’s best predictor for variants of unknown significance in the genome starting with cancers.

Qidni Labs– Qidni has built and tested an implantable artificial kidney to revolutionize dialysis technology, which has not changed in the last 50 years.