Running through walls: 6Sense’s Amanda Kahlow on values that stick

For Amanda Kahlow and 6Sense, one of the most important aspects of the company is its culture. The values of the company have been baked into the operations of the team, how it interacts with itself and its customers.

Kahlow says it boils down to family — an acronym for fun, accountability, mindfulness, integrity, love and yes. And as a company, before they start meetings, Kahlow and her team acknowledges a member of the group for embodying the values of the company.

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Every day, the executive staff acknowledges one of its own for adherence to the values… including Kahlow, who said, “Everybody wants to hear when you’re doing a good job or when you’re embodying love to somebody.”

This extremely positive culture even encompasses 6Sense’s approach to firing folks. “Letting someone go is a positive experience for everyone,” says Kahlow. “We like to wish everyone well and leave them with the highest positive intention for their future.”

In the tight labor market of San Francisco, the emphasis on corporate culture extends into the hiring process and maintaining a team culture through off-sites.

“We actually get to the biggest core issues that we have,” Kahlow says of the company’s multiple off-sites that management uses to engage and attract different views and strategies for the company’s vision and mission.

Finally, Kahlow sees her experience as a female entrepreneur has been a benefit rather than a disadvantage. “Find your true self and believe in yourself and love yourself.”