Join author and futurist Neal Stephenson at Disrupt SF 2016

If there is anyone who knows where the future is headed it’s Neal Stephenson. The author of the classic cyberpunk novel, Snow Crash, and, most recently, Seveneves, Stephenson has long been a voyager in lands unexplored by the common mind.

And now he’s going to join us on stage at Disrupt SF 2016, a unique treat. We’ll be talking about his latest book, his vision of the the future, and, if they’ll let him, a little about his work at Magic Leap as Chief Futurist. Given that this guy basically invented the idea of VR and AR back in the pre-NES days, he’s definitely going to have some thoughts.

Getting Stephenson on stage is tough and I suspect this will be one heck of an interview. He’s a self-described “bad correspondent” and a sociomediapath but he’s also an amazing writer and thinker and getting him to talk about his work will be a real treat.

You can grab tickets here and early bird pricing is still available.

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