Florida investigators found a laptop in deadly Tesla Autopilot crash

There was a laptop found in the Tesla Model S involved in the deadly May 7 crash using Autopilot, Florida investigators confirmed with CNBC on Thursday. Florida Highway Patrol Sgt. Kim Montes told the news outlet that a laptop and DVD player were recovered amongst the crash wreckage, but that they couldn’t determine whether Joshua Brown was using either device at the time of the fatal accident, which occurred when the vehicle collided with a truck.

Montes did confirm, however, that Brown’s Model S had a computer stand, but that the laptop wasn’t mounted on it, when investigators found the computer at the scene of the crash. Compounding the investigation further is that witnesses of the crash are offering contrasting accounts about whether the DVD player in the sedan was playing a movie.

This slight update comes exactly a week after federal regulators launched an investigation into the Model S crash. On Wednesday, Tesla maintained that drivers using autopilot remain safer than regular drivers.