Trump tweets at “dishonest media” in Star of David kerfuffle

Happy American Independence Day, TechCrunchers. Today those of us in the U.S. celebrate the original Brexit with hot dogs, potato salad and fireworks.

Americans are also in the middle of a very weird presidential election, as you may know, and Republican presumptive nominee Donald J. Trump has taken to Twitter once again today to explain why he’s not a racist — or anti-Semite, in this case.

It’s not him, it’s the media, apparently. But take a look and decide for yourself. Here’s an image of the original tweet, which has since been deleted by Trump:


Notice the obvious Star of David image next to Hillary Clinton’s picture emblazoned with the words, “Most corrupt candidate ever.”

This is a six-pointed symbol of Israel and the Jewish religion that Hitler forced the Jews to wear to identify themselves. Trump says the image is actually a sheriff’s badge, which is odd because, as Mic first pointed out, the image in Trump’s tweet had actually appeared in, I can’t even try to make this stuff up, a message board frequented by white supremacist groups.

Trump supporters may think the orange one has a point — sometimes a sheriff’s badge has six points as well. But the difference between a sheriff’s star and the Star of David is sheriff’s badges always have circles on the edges, whether it’s a five-point star or a six-point star.

Note the circles on these sheriff stars:




Trump has since replaced the original tweet with another one showing a circle instead of the Star of David.

But hey, it’s all just part of we, the “dishonest media” trying to destroy his plan to “Make America great hate again.”