Games company Paradox Interactive raises $11.8M from the crowd

Paradox Interactive, best known for developing and publishing a series of popular games, including Hearts of Iron, Stellaris and Europa Universalistoday announced it raised more than $11.8 million from the crowd on the new Swedish equity crowdfunding platform Pepins.

The campaign was off to a strong start, raising the first $3 million in a mere eight minutes, before going on to fill out its 100 million Swedish Kronor ($11.8 million) round in what is among one of the biggest equity crowdfunding campaigns we’ve seen in the gaming space so far.

Significantly, the equity crowdfunding campaign went live just ahead of the company’s listing on Nasdaq’s First North market aimed at smaller, fast-growing companies in Europe. At close of market on Friday, the company was trading at SEK 51.75; great reason to celebrate for the people buying into the crowdfunding campaign — they bought at SEK 33.

The campaign is a big win for Pepins, as the platform only launched a few months ago.