Watch Microsoft Accelerator’s Berlin Demo Day here

TechCrunch is pleased to bring you Microsoft Accelerator’s Berlin Demo Day on June 29th.

The Microsoft Accelerator is an immersive three- to six-month program aimed at helping entrepreneurs get through the challenges of building a company, finding customers and scaling to global markets. There are seven accelerators located around the world, from Seattle to Beijing, from Berlin to Tel-Aviv. Programs have a focus on enterprise startups; this event in Berlin showcases tools for non-profits to rehabilitation therapy to music monetization.

Investors and press will hear pitches from 11 companies starting at 9:15am PST (6:15pm CEST). Each team will have two minutes to present their business followed by questions from the moderator and then a question from the audience. You can watch it right here.

(In order of appearance)

Caspar introduces rehabilitation in digital form and makes German therapies accessible for everyone worldwide. Currently only few people receive an effective rehabilitation therapy due to the fact that most people have no access to these kind of therapies at all and also many therapies are not being executed sustainable.

Raklet is a cloud platform for associations and non-profits. It provides organizations with a private social network and a CRM tool to manage and grow their communities and helps them increase their revenues.

Factor-E Analytics develops a cloud-based digitization and analytics platform for manufacturing with focus on shop floor and energy management. Equipment of all types and age are digitized by continuously monitoring electrical power usage. Intelligent algorithms (machine learning and pattern matching) extract process and product specific information in real time and provide insights on system behavior.

Flutaro develops the first networked optimization algorithm for tour planning in logistics companies provided as a SaaS offering. Our software automates tour scheduling and incorporates network partners for further optimization.

Linknovate provides a special type of business intelligence, which is known as competitive intelligence. We help our clients identify emerging technologies and markets, and the key-players behind them. Key-players may include not only innovative small medium business, startups and companies in general, but also research groups, labs and spin-offs.

HiDoc enables patients to take control of their health through smart mobile applications. Patients are supported by individualized health adviser lessons based on data-driven feedback and predictions.

Datary is a productivity tool for strategic consultants. Its data search engine integrates into existing applications (like Microsoft Excel, SAP, etc.) and enables consultants to easily find data, retrieve it and keep it synchronized, ensuring that whenever new data is published, existing files are kept up-to-date.

iGroove is simply the best way to distribute, promote and monetize music! We empower musicians to become their own record label with just a few clicks. Beyond that, we sell music via SMS messages to monetize customers who do not possess a credit card.