Todoist gets serious about business with new collaboration features

Todoist is already a useful service for your personal to-do lists, but the company also lets you create shared projects so that you can share lists and assign tasks to your coworkers. Todoist now plans to completely overhaul its collaboration features so that Todoist Business becomes a full-fledged task management service for enterprise users.

There will be five major updates to Todoist Business, and the first one is going live today. Starting today, all team members can see an activity log so that you can see your newly assigned tasks, new comments and more. It’s a bit more powerful than that as you can filter by dates, person, project and action. Think about it as a sort of feed for everything that’s happening across all your projects.

Before this activity log, users had to rely on notifications to catch up on new comments and assignments. That’s why notifications are also getting an update today and are now grouped together. The activity log gives you an unfiltered feed while the notifications give you condensed alerts.

In other news, you can now attach notes to a specific project. This could be useful if you want to write notes that are relevant across the entire projects as task comments will inevitably disappear once a task is marked as completed.

And finally, the quick add feature is getting a revised user interface. This change will benefit all Todoist users and not just team members. With quick add, you can use natural language to enter dates. For instance, Todoist lets you create a recurring task by typing “File expenses every last Friday of the month.”

Now, the mobile apps feature shortcut buttons so that you can assign a task to a project and a person without having to hop around different text fields.

These are some of the low-hanging fruits for Todoist Business. I’m sure the company will add more features to convert more customers to its business plan that costs $29 per user and per year.

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