Bose wants your kids to build their own Bluetooth speakers

The folks at Bose are putting a DIY spin on the sometimes staid world for Bluetooth speakers, with a kit designed to show little ones the big wonders of electronics. The Speaker Cube is the first entry in the company’s new BOSEbuild line, featuring all the pieces and step-by-step instructions for building a Bluetooth speaker.

The Cube also features a number of customizable elements, including different colored lights and covers to keep things more interesting. It also, naturally, offers up all of the standard Bluetooth speaker functionality, assuming, of course, that everything goes where it’s supposed to.

The line is part of a new focus for the audio company, in an attempt to embrace the growing world of STEM learning gadgets aimed at education outside the classroom. The speaker is targeted at kids aged eight and up. It’s available now for $149 through the BOSEbuild site.