Disrupt 旧金山峰会邀请全球华人参会 (Announcing a Disrupt SF attendee-friendly for Chinese speakers)

It’s no news that China’s startup scene is huge and Chinese investors and founders are keen to learn more about the Silicon Valley. And of course American investors and entrepreneurs have been working hard in China for many years. It seemed like a natural to make TechCrunch’s Disrupt SF (Sept. 12-14) more accessible to visitors from China.

So we’re announcing a few new features for Disrupt SF:

  • Simultaneous English-to-Chinese translation for the sessions on stage.
  • A Chinese-language program guide
  • Chinese-speaking customer support
  • A special reception and programming for Chinese attendees (and anyone else interested) on Monday evening, Sept. 12.

And here’s what you just read, only in Chinese.  See you at Disrupt! Click here to buy a ticket in English, or in Chinese.

中国初创公司的庞大规模以及中国的投资者和创始人热衷于更多地了解硅谷,已经不是什么新鲜事。当然在过去十年或更长时间里美国的投资者和企业家也一直在中国努力耕耘、开拓。因此,让中国客人更方便地参加旧金山TechCrunch’s Disrupt SF大会(9.12-14)是趋势使然,更是我们一直以来期待的。
因此,我们在此宣布Disrupt SF大会的一些新特点:
期待在Disrupt大会上与您相见! 点击这里进入英文或中文购票界面。