Novelist John Sundman talks CRISPR, genetics, and logic bombs

Novelist John Sundman is a national treasure. His best work, Acts of the Apostles, predicts CRISPR, advanced genetic engineering, and chip-based Trojan Horses and his writing is at once dense and thrilling. I got the chance to talk with him this week for the Technotopia podcast.

Sundman lives on Martha’s Vineyard and has been a tech contractor as well as a volunteer fireman and carpenter. He’s not exactly down on the idea of a better future, you’ll find, but he is worried. He expects we’ll see very powerful DNA control systems in the future.

“This offers all kinds of interesting promise for curing all sorts of genetic diseases,” he said. “But it also opens up a Pandora’s Box for all kinds of other applications.”

Sundman also expects VR and feedback loops for examining and controlling genetic material.

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