Google Fiber is buying high-speed internet provider Webpass

Google Fiber is bulking up its business after it announced a deal to acquire ISP Webpass, a 13-year-old company that provides high-speed internet for business and residential customers across parts of the U.S.

Alphabet-owned Google Fiber is present in five U.S. cities, but it has plans to be grow to more than 20 in the immediate future. San Francisco is one city that Google Fiber has earmarked, and this acquisition will help that expansion. Webpass has a strong presence in California, with its service running in San Francisco, Oakland, Emeryville, Berkeley and San Diego. Beyond that, it is also in Miami, Miami Beach, Coral Gables, Chicago, and Boston.

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In an email to existing customers announcing the deal — which is expected to close in the summer — Webpass said that “nothing will change in the foreseeable future regarding the day to day operation of our business, your service or pricing.”

Charles Barr, the President of Webpass, added more in a blog post.

“Joining Google Fiber will be a great development for our users because the companies share the same vision of the future and commitment to the customer,” he said. “Google Fiber’s resources will enable Webpass to grow faster and reach many more customers than we could as a standalone company.”

Webpass operates its own gigabit network and, aside from boosting the presence of Google Fiber’s network, it will also help the company get into the business and residential markets where taking on established and incumbent competitors is hugely challenging.