The Perfect Memory camera will record your entire life

Imagine having a perfect recall and a way to auto-edit your life into exciting, fun snippets (even if your life isn’t exciting or fun.) That’s what the Perfect Memory wireless camera aims to do.

The camera, created by the team at General Streaming Systems, LLC, is an evolution on the traditional body cam. This device connects to a chain you can wear around your neck or can clip to your clothes. It takes video constantly and allows you to note special events with a tap of the device. It can also stream photos and video to iOS and Android devices and, most importantly, it can connect to your pet. “Yes, it easily attachable to dogs, and even cats,” write the creators. “The camera lens is stable so you will be able to see in superb quality what your loved pet is up to.” It also mounts to other action camera mounts.

The system also supports time-lapse video and includes a battery that should last about a day.


Why would you want this for you or your pet? The team expects it will be a cool addition to your Instagram or Snapchat game – you can snip out portions of your day that were particularly interesting – and it also creates an indelible memory of everything you saw. While this could be creepy for some, the goal is noble. I’ve seen a few versions of this camera over the past few years and this is the lightest and most compact version yet.

The early bird backers will get a camera for $119. It ships in October and comes in silver and gold. Given that it can film your (or your dog’s) entire life it might be worth a look, even for ego’s sake.