My Eye Spy brings every parents’ favorite car game to a phone near you

I spy with my little eye… Something beginning with F! Is it Flowers? No. Fish finger sandwiches? No. A Fantastic Feast of Fun? Well, no, not quite, but almost. My Eye Spy launches today; it’s a new iOS app which brings every parents’ favorite child-distraction game to the iOS platform, making it possible to play with your friends, or random strangers on the internet.

Available on iPhone and iPad

Available on iPhone and iPad

The game mechanic is simple; You take a photo and tap on your chosen object. Type in the word, and whisk your challenge off to a friend. You take turns to guess what item your friend was thinking of, and whoever guesses quickest, wins.

You can either take your own photos, or pick from a number of included images, and the app is launching in a slew of languages (English, French, Spanish, Russian and Chinese), so give it a whirl.

I’m not entirely convinced that I Spy has staying power beyond childhood road trip games, but it’s a good looking app, and who knows — maybe there are more I Spy fans out there than I’d expect.

Here’s to hoping that they have some sensible image recognition and moderation tools ready for launch, because playing “I spy with my little eye something beginning with P HAHAHAHA IT IS MY PENIS AGAIN” is going to get really old really fast.