Aphex Twin commissions 12-year-old YouTuber to direct first video since 1999’s ‘Windowlicker’

If you follow your dreams, and film it, and put it on YouTube, there’s a chance Richard D. James will see it and commission you to direct the first Aphex Twin video in 17 years. That’s the lesson learned by young Ryan Wyer, of outer Dublin, who was not even close to being born when the seminal “Windowlicker” came out in 1999.

Watch and be amazed:

Wyer is 12 and, if his YouTube channel is any indication, loves electronic music, memes and games rated for players well above his age. This isn’t his first foray into Aphex Twin territory, either. Among the dozens of videos he’s uploaded are reviews and videos for AFX and other artists. He even recorded the famous “Aphex face” hidden in the mathematically named track on the “Windowlicker” single.

I like Peppa Pig and the two-second “banned” videos, myself:

Richard D. James is a prolific musician, but not since the glory days of Chris Cunningham has he released a video. Is this the beginning of a new visual era for Aphex Twin? Has he found his muse? And if so, how?

No idea. Warp told me that James simply ran into Wyer’s videos online and enjoyed them, so he commissioned the kid to do an official video. I asked for more details, but that’s pretty awesome on its own.

It’s not groundbreaking news, exactly, but I like Aphex Twin and I love this example of how services like YouTube flatten the creative world so that collaborations like this can happen. Be sure to subscribe to epic1:40d Gaming so you don’t miss Wyer’s next GTA V playthrough or drill & bass remix.

“CIRKLON3 [ Колхозная mix ]” is from Aphex Twin’s Cheetah EP, out next month.