Huawei’s MateBook tablet is up for pre-order in the US, shipping July 11th

We’re here 102 floors above Manhattan at One World Trade (for some reason) to commemorate the US launch of Huawei’s MateBook tablet. The two-in-one, which was shown off at Mobile World Congress back in February, is now up for pre-order here in the States, with shipping starting July 11th.

The productivity device is a truly lovely piece of hardware, constructed with the same sort of unibody design that has marked a number of the Chinese company’s recent products, measuring 6.9 millimeters thick and weighing in at 1.41 pounds. The tablet features a sixth-gen Intel Core M process and runs the Signature Edition of Windows 10, promising a version of Microsoft’s operating system devoid of the usual bloatware.

Huawei MateBook

The tablet’s 12-inch display clocks in at 2160 x 1440, offering up 160-degree viewing angles. Inside, you get a 4,430 mAh battery promising nine hours of charge by Huawei’s count, along with either 4- or 8GB of RAM and between 128- and 512GB of storage. There’s also an on-board fingerprint reader for added security. All of that Huawei tablety goodness starts at $699.

Huawei MateBook

The company’s also got an $89 keyboard, which snaps on to the bottom of the display and doubles as a stand. The keyboard offers a fair deal more articulation than many other tablet keyboard docks, with a more laptop-like typing experience. $59 will get you a Stylus/laser pointer combo, and for $89, you can score yourself the MateDock, which brings Ethernet, HDMI, VGA and two USB 3.0 ports to the proceedings.

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