PinMeTo lets national brands automate updates to local Facebook pages

Malmö, Sweden-based PinMeTo is a location marketing platform launching a nifty new feature today that aims to make it infinitely easier for major brands to maintain a local presence on Facebook by somewhat automating the creation and updating of multiple local Facebook pages. It does so through what is essentially a templating system that lets you create a single message with local, custom content and post it to some or all of your local pages on Facebook.

“At large we’re trying to solve the complexity of digital local presence for large national or global multi location businesses — being fitness chains, retailers, banks, fast food chains or hotels — where the common denominator is multi locations and multi platform presence,” says PinMeTo co-founder and sales guy Petter Palander.

Perhaps self-servingly, Palander says that PinMeTo’s own studies have also shown that content published locally generates up to 300 percent more views, and 75 percent more clicks, Likes and shares on Facebook than the same content published on the brand’s central page.

He also cites a similar study from SocialBakers that claims to show that local Facebook pages have between a 107 and 346 percent higher engagement rate than a brand’s generic page.

But the problem with “acting local” when you’re a national or international brand is that it takes extra resources to maintain hundreds of local Facebook pages or a truly local presence across any social media platform. That often means not bothering at all and in turn that means leaving money on the table. The thinking behind PinMeTo’s solution — and its future product pipeline — is to make the process scale.

To that end, Palander says that by using PinMeTo brands can now publish posts containing dynamic localized fields to all of their global locations so that each post will contain locally relevant information, such as address or phone number.

Here’s an example, Palander provided:

To illustrate: typing “Welcome to us at {{name}} {{locationDescriptor}} for a cup of coffee and talk about the future of #locationmarketing. You find us at {{street}} in {{city}}.” in our tool generates this message in Stockholm, and this in Malmö on Facebook.

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The result is that national and international chains can target cities, countries or other custom location criteria for personalized, local messages. And in addition to posting content, the platform provides statistics on post performance and engagement ranging from company-wide statistics down to the results of a single post at a single location.