Collective closes $34M with adtech reporting solution

Collective is announcing today that it has closed a $34M growth round led by Columbia Partners with participation from Accel Partners, Greycroft and iNovia. The company has raised close to $100M in debt and equity since 2005.

The money will be put to work on the company’s new product, Visto.  The recently launched platform brings additional transparency to the opaque adtech space. Previously, advertisers would struggle to decipher analytics like impressions. Visto provides a clean dashboard where users can pull information like suspicious activity broken down by supply-side platforms, demand-side platforms, and publisher direct.

Joe Apprendi, CEO of Collective, wants to focus on display and video ads first. With the platform, users will be able to use a single UI to target audiences and create campaigns across channels in a unified system.

The New York City based company has already brought on a dozen enterprise customers for Visto.

Visto will follow a contract based SaaS pricing model. The platform is a strategic move into the growing self-service niche in adtech. Collective will offer a hybrid of sorts, allowing users to work with the company to optimize campaigns.

Apprendi emphasized that Visto will replace the long list of stacked platforms that advertisers currently use. Users will be able to generate extensive reports across 20 different key performance indicators (KPI).

Geoff Judge of iNovia Capital noted that many players in the adtech space offer sophisticated data and analytics but very few have integrated complex analysis across so many channels.

Business Insider recently confronted Apprendi about his timeline for the company’s IPO. Apprendi admitted to considering the move but did not provide details.