11 of the coolest video game trailers from E3

We’ve been focused on VR and non-traditional gaming here at E3 this year, but that doesn’t mean we’ve been walking around with our eyes closed. You might not have been paying close attention, what with having a real job and everything, so I took the liberty of collecting the most interesting trailers from the show in one place.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

We just had to get this out of the way since Link has nearly stolen the show this year. Nintendo went all-in on Zelda with a booth and multi-level VIP area entirely dedicated to the game, which is slated to come out some time in 2017. I played it and it’s awesome. Like it or not, a post is coming.

We Happy Few

Dystopias tend to do well in gaming, and this should be no exception. Apparently both Orwellian and Huxleyous, the game concerns a society of people under the thrall of an authoritarian regime and the Soma-like drug Joy. “We’ve got a downer!”

Sea of Thieves

An open world multiplayer pirate simulator where you can get drunk and engage in sea battles on immaculately rendered rolling waves? Aye, me hearties.

Detroit: Become Human

Sure to be a divisive title, as expected from the developers of Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls, this game is, like those, focused on the narrative and perspectives of those within it. Expect to play it about a dozen times to get the endings you crave.

Death Stranded

It was definitely surreal watching Hideo Kojima walk down a path of light (and outpace it, even) at the Sony press conference, but that was nothing compared to this trailer. As the kids say, I can’t even.

Titanfall 2

Confession time: I didn’t play the original. But I’m looking forward to the sequel, with its single player campaign, expanded compatibility, and the traditional destruction of giant robots.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

It’s a strange name, but the appeal of the game is hard to deny. You’re a futuristic cave woman who hunts giant robot dinosaurs long after the apocalypse. I was afraid it would be very Ubisoft-y from the early footage but the new trailer shows that there’s a game behind the systems. Also, it looks gorgeous.

Watch Dogs 2

“Very Ubisoft-y” was the main criticism of Watch Dogs, which was a huge success but now is remembered as being rather lackluster in light of the promises early trailers made. The sequel, however, could remedy those deficiencies.¬†Anyway, the Ubisoft-style checklist games are comfort food at this point, so I’ll play it.


A game that seems to capture the power and agility of one of Marvel’s most iconic heroes, after years of decent but workmanlike adaptations? Yes, please. Here’s hoping the game lives up to the trailer.

The Last Guardian

The game has been in development hell and looks it, but who cares? This game is going to be amazing, and now there are TWO baby gryphons?! If even one of them dies, I’m going to cry myself to death.

God of War

More confessions: I only played bits and pieces of the original trilogy and side games, despite being a fan of both Greek mythology and endless carnage. But even I was entranced by the gameplay Sony opened with this year. The roar the audience gave when Kratos emerged from the shadows was deafening.

Of course there were many more I could mention, but 11 seems like a good number. Plus, I have an appointment with Square-Enix really soon and I haven’t even put my shoes on.