The Sacramento Kings just unveiled their new jerseys in VR

Even though they’re still in Oakland, the Golden State Warriors have essentially become the de facto NBA team of Silicon Valley. But it won’t stay that way for long, at least if the Sacramento Kings have anything to do with it.

Since being taken over by technology entrepreneur Vivek Ranadivè three years ago, the team has been on a mission to prove they are the most technologically savvy one in the NBA. They’ve done this by holding the NBA’s first startup pitch-off, inviting self-driving cars to chaperone fans from the parking lot to the stadium, and more.

So today, when the team rolled out its new jerseys to match the recent rebranding, it seemed only natural when it also released a VR experience for fans to check out the threads.

The team worked with River Studios to shoot a 360-degree video of Kings player Willie Cauley-Stein showing off the new jerseys. The video, embedded below, gives you a pretty good taste of what it’s like to be behind the scenes at an NBA photo shoot. Make sure you view it in a browser that supports 360-video on YouTube or on your VR device.

Of course, virtual reality is only cool if you have the equipment to experience it. And since there isn’t yet an Oculus or Vive in every home, the team is setting up VR demos at two team stores in Sacramento for fans to strap on a device and experience it themselves.

Hopefully this is a sign that sports teams are starting to warm up to VR, which is the first step in getting professional games streamed in the new medium. Once enough fans see the potential that VR can bring to the game-watching experience, it’s only a matter of time before teams and leagues have to give in and start streaming games in virtual reality.