Microsoft reveals the new, slimmer Xbox One S, coming this August

That’s “S” for “slim.” Or maybe “svelte.” Or “skinny.” Or…”something.” As anticipated and later full-on leaked, the Xbox has slimmed down just in time for swimsuit season with the One S. Microsoft revealed the upgraded console this morning at its E3 kickoff event here in Los Angeles.

The system the company showed off today arrived in a bright white color (“robot white,” according to press materials), a lightening up of the previous console. The device will come with a vertical stand, so users can decide how they want to orient it on their shelf.

The Xbox One S is 40 percent slimmer than the last version. Inside you’ll find a hard drive sporting up to 2TB and an integrated power supply. The new console features a built-in IR blaster, front-facing USB port (there are still two on the rear) and does 4K video. The One S also features HDR video support, for a more vibrantly colored gaming experience and higher contrast between dark colors and light.

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Along with the S, Microsoft is also introducing a new, streamlined Bluetooth wireless controller with increased range. The controller features a newly textured grip, designed for increased comfort for those long gaming sessions and a new, more accurate thumbstick that’s said to decrease wear. The controller can be purchased as a standalone for $60. The company is also offering up a free Kinect adapter for current One owners looking to slim things down a bit.

The One S will come in a number of different configurations, starting with the big ole 2TB version, which will appear in August. 1TB and 500GB versions will be arriving a bit later, running $349 and $299, respectively. Users can also buy the vertical stand on its own for $20.