Behold the Xbox One S and Design Lab controllers in all their glory

Earlier today, they were but flashes on the big screen at Microsoft’s big E3 kickoff event. Now they’re pieces of metal and plastic in the same venue that hosted the aforementioned event (presently the site of an Xbox mixer with, mercifully, with an open bar).

The Xbox One S console is, of course, noticeably more svelte than its predecessor – 40-percent so, in fact. The first thing you really notice about the device, however, is that bright white coat of paint, the starkest of contrasts from its much darker predecessors.


The company calls it “robot white.” I might have gone for “undriven snow.” Either way, it’s the kind of color you’d constantly worry about getting scuffed if your sneakers were made out of it. Unless you’re Steph Curry. He’s got bigger things to worry about. Other notable architectural features include the IR blaster and shifted USB port, which are located just under the lip, up front.

Xbox One S

Balanced precariously up top is the new controller, which also sports a sleeker design (not 40-percent sleeker, but sleeker, nonetheless), along with redesigned, textured grips for a better feel.


For those who want to stand out from the robot white crowds, Microsoft is also showcasing its new Design Lab site, which lets users customize the peripheral for a starting price of $80 (a $20 premium over the standalone controller). The design site is now live, featuring fifteen color options for customizing the front, back, bumpers and triggers, thumbsticks and buttons. It also features a 3D view, so you can check it out from all possible angles.

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