iOS 10 beta finally lets you remove all those built-in apps

Raise your hand if you have a folder on your iPhone or iPad filled with all the built-in apps from Apple that you never use but can’t delete. Oh, all of you? Then you’ll be interested to learn that iOS 10 will finally allow you to remove those pesky apps and reclaim the space they’ve occupied for years. And if you get the beta, you can do it today!

There’s no special process. Just long-tap and wait for the icons to dance, then hit the X on any of the following apps:

ios10beta appsIt’s not like deleting critical system files or anything; you just won’t be able to, say, sync with an Apple Watch if you don’t have the Watch app. And anything that relies on News, Stocks, or Weather to provide headlines or local conditions won’t work properly. Actually, you can’t remove News just yet — it appears on the list but won’t be removable until a later version of iOS 10.

All told, you’ll get back something under 150 megabytes if you were to delete all of them. Reinstalling is as easy as opening up the App Store, searching for whichever one you want and hitting the re-download button.