Slack is down, so enjoy your three-day weekend

Chat and collaboration app Slack is experiencing serious outages today, but we’re not sure of the nature or extent of the disaster, because is also inaccessible! What? This is like a fire station burning down!

Slack did tweet that there are “connectivity issues for some teams,” hilariously accompanied by a smiling Slack app icon saying “All’s good under the hood, boss!”


it is a mystery

One TC staffer who was able to access the service found that it gave a less mixed assessment of the situation:

Slack’s web servers are being overwhelmed at the moment and we’re working to restore full capacity and get everyone back to using Slack. API requests may respond in error and chat may behave quite slowly in the meantime.

Another short outage occurred on the 8th. We’re used to this stuff happening, so we’ll be on IRC (#techcrunch on Esper) if you need us.

Update: The outage has been resolved. Back to work!

We believe we’ve addressed the cause of the terrible Slack outage this morning. We’re very sorry for the interruption to your days and we’re taking steps now to address the problems uncovered during this incident. We will continue to monitor the situation to ensure our changes completely fix the problem before closing this incident.