Jake Winebaum explains how cutting his teeth as a serial entrepreneur led him to launch Brighter

Jake Winebaum, founder & CEO of Brighter, a Saas-enabled dental marketplace, has been a serial entrepreneur for 35 years, with many pivots and adventures along the way

In an interview with Mayfield Partners, Jake takes us on a journey from his first startup in college to his idea to disrupt the healthcare industry with Brighter, a provider of information and services around dental benefits.

The company’s investors include Navin Chaddha at Mayfield, Bill Gurley at Benchmark, Stewart Gollmer at Tenaya and Gabe Ling from General Catalyst.

Jake himself, is a self-proclaimed accidental entrepreneur who co-founded LA-based incubator ecompanies, which resulted in successful startups such as Jamdat, Boingo Wireless, and Business.com, where he served as the chief executive.

In this podcast, Jake shares his key learnings, how hiring the right people is critical and why it’s necessary to have three careers.