Lenovo gets serious about VR with Movidius partnership

Today, Movidius announced that electronics behemoth Lenovo is the latest company to adopt their tiny, low-power (sub-one-watt) Myriad 2 visual processing unit (VPU) “to provide advanced vision processing technology to a variety of VR-centric Lenovo products.“

Lenovo is a marquee client for the hardware/software company with offices in both San Francisco and Dublin, Ireland. No other info was given with regard to the scale of the partnership but just that the first Lenovo products featuring Myriad 2 are expected in second half of 2016.

Knowing that the Myriad 2 is designed for various onboard visual processing (no cloud needed) and considering Lenovo’s TechWorld conference is in two days, I’m sure we’ll hear more during the event about what these unmentioned virtual reality products will be.

However, unless the two companies have been working together unofficially for some time, a new VR-capable headset seems a bit premature to me, but who knows.

This announcement follows other earlier adoption announcements from the likes of Google and FLIR and increasingly points to enterprise level confidence in their VPU platform.