DOZ launches Quoter, a semi-automated service to get a quote and hire marketing freelancers

While DOZ has been around for a while, the company is adding a nifty brick to its product offering with an automated tool to get a quote and launch a marketing campaign. Compared to good old marketing agencies, DOZ speeds up the hiring process quite a bit.

If you aren’t familiar with DOZ, the best way to describe it is that it’s a marketplace of freelancers who are good at marketing tasks. So whether you need someone to write a copy, find leads, work on SEO or manage your social media presence, DOZ marketers can handle all of this for you. It breaks down the marketing agency into a marketplace approach.

And yet, until today, when you joined DOZ, it was still a very traditional process. You’d submit a brief, wait for a while, get a quote, and go back and forth. Sometimes, you’re not even sure if a marketing campaign makes sense as you’re new to this world.

With Quoter, you can submit a project, get a quote and decide in very little time. Quoter uses a chat interface to ask you all sorts of questions about your marketing campaign. Thanks to automated answers and real, actual humans, Quoter can tell you how much it’s going to cost.

After that, you can accept, or you can walk away — and it’s not going to cost you anything if you decline the offer. DOZ then automatically matches you with marketers.

There are currently 7,000 freelancers using the platform. Overall, they’ve accomplished 50,000 marketing tasks. While Quoter doesn’t reinvent DOZ’s core product, it makes it less intimidating when you sign up.

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