How to listen to, and delete, your Google Now voice history

Google might be eavesdropping more than you had originally imagined, though not on purpose.

Since June 2015, Google has been storing personal data on its users on a website, where users only have access to their own information. The feature works a bit like a digital diary, storing web searches, YouTube history, and (you guessed it!) Google Voice Search history.

The issue with Voice Search is that the system can pick up the words “Ok Google” (or words that sound like ‘Ok Google’) from a rather long distance. Accidentally activating voice-powered AI, from Google to Siri to Alexa, is inevitable.

But since Google stores that information and makes it available to users, it’s easy to see just how many conversations stored on the system were unintentionally recorded. This is especially true for Android users, who have their phone on them all the time.

Google likely stores these conversations for a number of reasons, like giving users access to their voice searches as well as learning from this recorded natural language to improve the service.

In any case, you have total control over your stored search history here, and can have a listen to yourself or delete unwanted recordings as you wish.

Given that this search history feature has been around for a year, there is probably plenty of information to check out about yourself.