Cleanly launches subscription laundry service with Cleanly Reserve

Cleanly, the on-demand laundry service looking to take on FlyCleaners, has today announced a new annual or monthly membership program that discounts service while offering a recurring pick-up and drop-off schedule.

With Cleanly Reserve, users get 10 percent off of all Cleanly services, along with waived delivery, cancellation and rescheduling fees. Plus, users get free hang dry and no delivery minimum to use the service.

Cleanly launched back in February of 2015 out of Y Combinator.

The company was focused squarely on the logistics of delivery, giving Cleanly drivers back-end access to help map out various types of buildings, parking situations, etc. Because of this attention to detail, Cleanly is able to make a pick-up as soon as thirty minutes from the time of order.

All orders are placed through an app, complete with a digital transaction history so you can see the line item cost of each order. The app also lets you take photos of stains and other issues with clothing to ensure the best clean possible.

With Cleanly Reserve, the company is offering a way for users to schedule out all of their pick-ups and drop-offs way in advance. Of course, Reserve lets you reschedule or cancel for free.

Annual Reserve users pay $89/year to get access to the perks/savings, while monthly users pay $14.99/month for a more limited set of perks.

From a business perspective, the key here is to increase order frequency.

“We think of it a lot like Amazon for laundry,” said CEO Tom Harari. “People are much more likely to use Amazon over Jet if they already have Prime. Once users are locked in, they order more and more pick-ups because they trust us with their closet.”

Harari noted that the company is seeing an average of 27 percent month-over-month growth for the past year, and has reached profitability in its business, which serves Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Cleanly has raised $2.3 million in seed funding. You can check out the website here.