Robin makes the office smarter with $7 million in new funding

One of the first-world problems most plaguing the new corporate world is the time wasted trying to find and secure a meeting room. At least, that’s the premise Robin is based on.

Robin is a company that helps offices organize, track, and monitor their spaces.

The company just raised $7 million in Series A led by FirstMark capital, with participation from existing investors such as Accomplice, Boldstart, Fundfire, Space Pirates, and Mike Germano. FirstMark’s Amish Jani will join the board of directors.

Through software that can be installed on a mobile device, or accessed via web, Robin lets employees see which spaces are available at what times, complete with information about the equipment available in that room.

So let’s say you need a room with video conferencing equipment for 2pm on Thursday. Robin lets you search that within the system, book it, and go on with your day in a few seconds flat.

Most offices use a Google Calendar for this, and mark a room occupied with pieces of paper taped to the wall.

Moreover, Robin lets users install their software on any tablet and mount it to meeting room walls so that anyone can walk by and see the schedule for that room.

Meeting organizers often have to deal with the changing and busy schedules of attendees, as well as finding out which room is suitable and open based on that small window of availability.

With Robin, all of that information becomes searchable and trackable.

Plus, Robin uses beacon integration, so users don’t necessarily have to sign in to meetings but rather just show up, and the system automatically knows they’re there and when they leave.

That means employers can see analytics about the way that their office space is being used in order to plan for the future or better organize their workflows in the present. In other words, if office managers can learn which meeting space or call room nobody ever wants to use, they can probably figure out why and make changes accordingly.

Robin also integrates with Slack and Aruba Meridian to provide easy room booking and indoor, turn-by-turn navigation to find the room you’ve booked.

Robin’s pricing is based on the amount of spaces in the system per month, with a discounted per-room price for larger offices.

You can learn more about Robin right here.