Running Through Walls: Mightybell’s executive Gina Bianchini advises to focus on inputs

In this episode of Running Through Walls, I sit down with Gina Bianchini, CEO and founder of Mightybell. Gina is an expert in community building.

Many also know her as the co-founder of Ning, the largest social platform for communities that grew to 90 million monthly unique visitors and 300,000 monthly active networks.

We discussed the secrets to building healthy communities online, our experiences with “revisionist history” in Silicon Valley and how to build trust among teams. Gina also shares why sponsors, not mentors, helped her the most when first starting out in her career.

The online world is more interesting than the real world (1:14)
How to know when a product isn’t working (3:10)
The difference between mentors and sponsors (6:38)
Why the tech industry doesn’t celebrate failure (11:14)
When hiring, you can’t be half-in on somebody (13:46)
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