Comixology CEO shows off new Unlimited subscription service

Comixology recently launched Comixology Unlimited, a subscription plan that offers unlimited access to thousands of digital comics for just $5.99 per month.

Given the “all you can read” model, it’s natural to compare the new service to Netflix, but CEO David Steinberger told me that Amazon Prime’s video offerings are a closer match — and no, not because of the corporate synergy (Amazon acquired Comixology two years ago), but because Comixology now combines subscription and individual purchase options.

Put another way, if you want to try out a comic like Bitch Planet or Saga, you can read the older collections through Unlimited. Then, if you’re really hooked, you can get fully up-to-date by buying the newest issues individually.

I also asked Steinberger about the absence of the two biggest comics publishers — DC and Marvel. He said he’s certainly open to adding them in the future, and he also touted the fact that Comixology Unlimited is the only digital comics subscription that includes titles from publishers Dark Horse and Image.