Mt. Gox’s trustee has finished examining claims for missing bitcoins

A couple of years after bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox imploded, some former Mt. Gox users might finally get their bitcoins back. Tokyo’s court-appointed trustee in the Mt. Gox investigation has finally finished examining all the claims for missing bitcoins. Kraken is also partnering with the trustee on this investigation.

When Mt. Gox closed down in 2014, many users were still holding bitcoins on the platform. Mt. Gox had suffered an irreparable hack, or the CEO had just been really negligent. Millions of dollars worth of bitcoins went missing.

Since then, the company has filed for bankruptcy and put up a page to claim your bitcoins. Users had to file a claim before July 2015. Then, a trustee went through 24,750 claims to see if they were valid.

In total, these claims represent $2.4 trillion, but a single claim alone asks for $2.39 trillion. Overall, Mt. Gox was holding the equivalent of $91,185,435 of bitcoins (at today’s price of $451).

Mt. Gox’s website will soon let you review your claim to see if you’re going to get back some or all of your bitcoins. Also worth noting, the investigation won’t release the addresses of Mt. Gox’s wallets for privacy and security purposes.

This is all great news, but it’s still a bit too soon to be perfectly reassured. As long as there isn’t any report of former Mt. Gox users getting their assets back, there’s still work to do. But it’s nice to see that the Japanese court hasn’t given up.