Varsity Tutors, the online platform for learning, launches a mobile app

Varsity Tutors, the online platform that lets top-of-the-line tutors connect with students who need some brushing up, has today launched a native mobile app.

Back in 2012, the company started by simply matching tutors with students for in-person consultations. Over time, the company slowly built out its digital presence so that tutors could meet with students online via web chat, with complementary digital content for testing, quizzing, etc. built right into the web app.

Today, more than 50 percent of the company’s revenue comes from its digital product, and with that the launch of a native mobile app.

Within the app, users can video chat with tutors while looking over content on that subject, including interactive tests and quizzes.

The idea is to allow the tutoring process no matter where the tutor or the student is, as long as there is a wireless connection.

For now, the app connects existing tutors with their usual students, but eventually Varsity Tutors wants to allow for on-demand tutoring on any subject with the click of a button.

For example, a student studying chemistry might want to brush up before a big AP exam. Even if their usual tutor isn’t available, Varsity Tutors hopes to be able to connect them with a Chemistry expert to answer a few pre-test questions.

Varsity Tutors sources tutors from the best schools, like Princeton and Harvard, and tests them on their knowledge in a particular topic, as well as their confidence level in that topic.

There are more than 20,000 tutors on the platform, and pricing averages in the $50s per hour.

You can find the Varsity Tutors app here.