King Bach launches Bachify, a photo editing app for the social media obsessed

Andrew Bachelor (better known as King Bach on Vine, where he has more than 15 million followers) has just launched Bachify, his own iOS-based photo-editing app.

The genesis of the app was an issue anyone who is a heavy social media user faces — there isn’t one app that provides a comprehensive photo-editing experience. Bach explained that he “always had to go to multiple editing apps to create the perfect picture.”

So Bachify includes almost every editing tool under the sun, including stickers, Instagram-like filters and standard adjustments like enhance, blur and red-eye. It also offers more nuanced editing tools like a make-up brush, “pimple remover” and smoothing.

The stickers include hundreds of decorations, like hairstyles, accessories and dozens of HD stickers of King Bach you can add to your image. The app also lets you create your own stickers, so you could even add yourself to a photo you weren’t in. Most of these are available with the basic version of the app, but more will be offered via in-app purchases.


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While this isn’t King Bach’s first app (he previously made a game called Bachy Birds), it’s part of his plan to use his talents and social media expertise to expand into the business world.

But why a photo-editing app, when King Bach attributes most of his professional success to Vine, a video platform? He explained that photos are much more universal than videos. “While video editing tools are only used by a small subset of people, everyone would love to have the ability to edit photos.”

Bach isn’t worried about entering a market as competitive as the photo space, where established players like Instagram and Snapseed reign supreme. He explained that before setting out to build Bachify he had tried all the alternatives, and just wasn’t able to find a high-quality all-in-one solution that met his needs.

The app’s success most likely will depending on if King Bach can recruit users from outside of his existing sphere of influence — essentially users who use the app because it provides a solid editing experience, not because it was made by their favorite social media star.

Bachify is available for iPhone for $1.99 and iPad for $2.99, and can be downloaded from the iOS App Store.