Atlassian launches Bitbucket Pipelines

Atlassian is hosting its annual developer conference not too far from my favorite absinthe bar this week. During its keynote, the company today announced a number of new products and updates, all of which focus on making life a little bit easier (and collaborative) for developers.

Atlassian launches Bitbucket Pipelines

Maybe the most important of the new tools is Bitbucket Pipelines. Atlassian recently consolidated all of its Git services under the Bitbucket brand and with the launch of the beta version of Pipelines, it now offers a continuous delivery service that’s built right into the Atlassian-hosted Bitbucket Cloud service. Thanks to this, developers can easily automate their workflow of building and deploying their code every time they push an update to their Bitbucket repositories.

During the beta, Bitbucket Pipeline will be available for free to all developers who want to give it a try.

Traditionally, Atlassian’s tools have always been web-centric. Today, however, the company is launching its first native apps for the Confluence team collaboration service and JIRA Software, the company’s project management service for software teams.

Atlassian also today announced that it is joining the Open API Initiative, a consortium that includes Apiary, Apigee, Google, IBM, Mashape, Microsoft, PayPal and others and that aims to build a common way for describing APIs.

Other updates include the launch of Connect for JIRA Service Desk, which now allows third-party developer to build embeddable add-ons for that services, and the open-sourcing of RADAR, Atlassian’s internal tool for generating API documentation, which unsurprisingly follows the Open API Initiative’s specs.