Spotify family plan is now cheaper, $14.99 for up to 6 people

Spotify is catching up with the competition when it comes to family plans. Like Apple Music and Google Play Music, families can now subscribe to Spotify Premium for $14.99 per month and get six different Spotify accounts and profiles.

This is the exact same deal as the one you can get on Apple Music today. Spotify is just making sure you’re not going to move your entire family over to Apple Music for pricing reasons.

The company introduced family plans back in 2014. At the time, it was one of the first subscription services with family plans. You could get 50 percent off extra Spotify accounts. So it would cost you $14.99 for two accounts, $19.99 for three accounts, $19.99 for four accounts, etc.

For big families with at least three accounts, the new Spotify family plan is cheaper. For singles and couples, it’s the same price. If you had a big family of six and loved sharing Spotify, you’re now going to save $20 per month. With the old pricing model, it would cost $35. It now costs $14.99 for the same thing.

Spotify family plans are available in all countries where Spotify operates — except in Canada for some weird reason. But pricing differs slightly around the world. You can expect to pay the equivalent of 1.5 Premium account to subscribe to a family plan.

Apple Music now has 13 million subscribers. Comparatively, Spotify now has 30 million Premium users, only 10 months after announcing 20 million subscribers. And yet, it’s clear that Spotify considers Apple Music as a serious contender.

Spotify’s growth doesn’t seem to be slowing down, but it’s unclear why you’d subscribe to both Apple Music and Spotify. Millions of people are now choosing Apple Music over Spotify, so the music streaming company is missing out.

Maybe the reason why these users chose Apple Music was family plans, maybe it was Taylor Swift exclusives, maybe it was the deep integration into iOS and OS X. With today’s pricing update, Spotify can cross out family plan from this list.