SeamlessDocs raises $7 million Series B to help governments go digital

SeamlessDocs, the startup that helps governments move all their forms online, has today announced the close of a $7 million Series B funding round led by Motorola Solutions. Other participants in the round include existing investor Govtech Fund, as well as New York State Innovation Fund and 1776.

SeamlessDocs operates under the premise that government is beautiful, which is both daunting and optimistic.

“We don’t often think about it, but forms are the primary way that we interact with the government,” said founder and CEO Jonathon Ende. “We want to make that interaction as beautiful and easy as possible.”

SeamlessDocs hooks in with a local government (or branch of government) to convert all of their PDF forms into clickable, interactive digital forms, compatible with all platforms and screen sizes.

Most government documents require in-person interactions, or at the very least, printing, faxing, and/or mailing documents in. SeamlessDocs turns that interaction into something someone can do in a few minutes on their phone, from signing and filling out the form to government transactions.

SeamlessDocs says it currently works with hundreds of local governments, and with the help of the new funding, can start to target federal agencies and branches of government.

The company generates revenue by charging on a per-seat annual basis, which gives users access to unlimited form conversion.

In December of 2014, SeamlessDocs raised $5 million in Series A. This new round will go towards hiring out more engineers, sales staff, and customer service reps.

You can check out SeamlessDocs for yourself right here.