Katamari Damacy creator is making an augmented reality game called Woorld for Project Tango phones

Keita Takahashi, creator of the famously bizarre ball-rolling game Katamari Damacy, has a new title, but it’s not for the PS4 or Xbox One — you’ll need a Project Tango-compatible device to play this one.

The announcement was made over at the blog of Funomena, a small developer Takahashi has been working with. The game is called Woorld, and it’s an augmented reality world that “mixes digital and physical play.”

Project Tango devices track position with great accuracy, allowing you to place digital objects in the real world and interact with them. Multiple devices can work together and share the same digital world.

woorld gif

Don’t expect an epic story mode where you roll up continents, though, or a seemingly insurmountable goal like crossing the solar system with your enormously long body (that would be Noby Noby boy, and it took 6 years). This looks to be more of a fun sandbox for all ages that demonstrates the possibilities of augmented reality.

Of course, you’ll need a Project Tango phone, and they aren’t exactly thick on the ground right now. But we do expect to hear more on that soon: Google is rumored to be presenting a consumer version of the sensor-packed handset tomorrow at I/O.

We’ll know more soon. Tune in tomorrow morning at 10 AM for our live coverage of the keynote.