Momofuku’s David Chang launches Ando, a delivery-only restaurant

And now, the moment all foodies in New York have been waiting for…

David Chang, owner of the wildly popular line of Momofuku restaurants, is today launching Ando, the latest to join the franchise.

But Ando isn’t quite like the Ssäm Bar or the Noodle Bar or even the Milk Bar. To the contrary, Ando is an entirely on-demand delivery restaurant, with no front of the house or dine-in experience.

Users can order food, which includes a Philly Cheesesteak and three exclusive Christina Tosi cookies, on the Ando app.

For now, Ando only delivers lunch and only delivers in Midtown East, which makes sense considering there is literally no good food in that neighborhood despite the thousands of corporate employees forced to hang around there all day.

The first 200 people to sign up on the app today will be let on the platform to order food, but Chang is insistent on only serving a small number of people each day to ensure quality and scale accordingly.

All the food at Ando has been engineered specifically for delivery, taking into account the various ingredients and PH levels of the food, as well as the packaging for specific items.

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Deliveries will be handled by UberRush, but Expa investor Hooman Radfar says that Ando isn’t closed off to other delivery channels, like UberEats or Seamless.

It’s also worth noting that Chang is an investor and chief culinary officer at Maple, which may appear as a direct competitor with its fully-cooked meal delivery service. However, Radfar explained that the food industry is too diverse to consider each deliverable meal as a competitor to the next.

For example, Chang owns and operates a handful of very different Momofuku-branded restaurants, which aren’t necessarily direct competitors to each other. While both Maple and Ando will deliver food on-demand, that food will be very different.

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If you want to check out Ando for yourself, hit up the app right here.