5 days after Disrupt NY, the beard is still gone and the Red Hook Initiative is $4,500 richer

So I know some of y’all were worried about me after I agreed to have my face shaved at Disrupt NY to raise money for the Red Hook Initiative. I just wanted to check in and let you know what life post-beard is like. (Actually I’m pretty sure none of y’all gave a good goddamn, but I’ll let you know anyway.)

Initially, I went through the five stages of grief. Denial: I didn’t believe that my fat face could be that jowly. Anger: That my follicles didn’t put up more of a fight. Bargaining: I asked if they could paste the beard hair back. They said no. Depression: Goddamn, that really is what my face looks like. Acceptance: That Dollar Shave Club and AOL (our corporate overlord) combined to put up $3,000 for the Red Hook Initiative … to match the $1,500 that came from so many of the TechCrunch friends and family (and my own friends and family… all five of them).

Have I changed? I’m a little wiser (in that I will never do that again), and I have a newfound motivation to go back to the gym.

Ultimately, though, this little experiment with my face managed to drive home a point that I know, but sometimes overlook. That our not-so-little community of makers, entrepreneurs and investors is pretty terrific.

The money you raised is going to help an organization provide programs and long-term services that each year reach more than 350 young people who live in a historically disenfranchised neighborhood. Another 2,000 Red Hook residents reap the benefits of the charity’s work, as well.

My face may be shorn, but your generosity never fails to leave me beaming.