Pebble revamps its health software and text responses

The weather’s finally starting to look like spring here in New York City, and it’s time to really put those fitness trackers to good use. For those who rely on a Pebble watch to keep track of their paces, health monitoring gets a bit better today, with version 3.12 of the smartwatch maker’s firmware and app.

The update marks the arrival of Mobile Health Snapshot, a hub for fitness information and sleep data, featuring aggregated data grouped together by days, weeks and months. Pebble Health also auto-detects long runs and walks, delivering tracking information on those activities to the company’s mobile app.

Daily activity and step summaries are also bundled into weekly digests delivered to the watch, along with info on long walks, naps and the like, plus coaching info designed to motivate the wearer based on past performance.

03 Smart Alarm PTR

The app is also getting smart alarms designed to wake users during their light sleep phase. Depending on sleep cycles, it may go off as early as 30 minutes before the set time to make sure it wakes the wearer when the time is right.

There are some non-health updates here, as well, mostly focused on text messages. With the Send Text app, iOS users can converse with canned responses and voice notes.