‘IMDB for music’ Musikki raises another $1M to extend its image platform

Image management and distribution platform Musikki raised a first round of funding in 2014 to become “the IMDB of music”. It’s now inked a deal on another $1M in funding from Portugal Ventures, the biggest VC in Portugal. It’s also launching Exclusiph, an image management and distribution tool for the music industry, already in use by independent labels 4AD and Secretly Group.

Exclusiph enables the distribution of images to any channel with one file upload. This then automatically generates the image for print, as a digital download, and allows it to be embedded online. Credits, music metadata and related content like press releases, video and audio links can all be added to the image file. That makes it a useful tool for album promotion. Right now London-based Musikki competes with Allmusic, Discovr, Echonest and Rovi on the data and B2B side.

The tool was developed in conjunction with independent label 4AD and is now being used by labels like Secretly Group, which features artists like Destroyer and Sharon Van Etten.